Rescued Wine Candles

Rescued Wine Candles

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We strive to help animals in need by donating a portion of our sales to animal rescue groups.  Using the best ingredients available and choosing to be environmentally responsible. We aspire to re-purpose wine bottles with new candle life. Wine bottles are collected, cleaned, and cut by hand, creating eco-friendly soy candles with fragrances inspired by wine.


Champagne: Blends of fresh, clean, and crisp aromas, with notes of cotton blossoms.  
Cabernet: Combining flavors and aromas of dark chocolate and sweet cherries, with a rich finish of herbs.

Chardonnay: Combining aromas of apple, almond, and cinnamon, with undertones of buttery vanilla.

Mimosa: Combining youthful style and vanilla beans with musky notes, and a rich citrus finish.

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