The Purple Poodle Ethos

Hey there!

If you've shopped with us before, then you've noticed the spirit of the store. There's an ethos that's incredibly important to me, and that's inclusion and acceptance. If you haven't shopped with us, then what are you waiting for!?

This isn't your typical boutique. We don't follow industry "rules" and we aren't concerned with what "they" say. (More coming on that later.)

The Instagram page @thepurplepoodleco doesn't follow a pattern or a plan, because I don't really follow a pattern or a plan. Frequently, I add in personal posts - stories about my kids, artwork I find moving, or memes I find hilarious and relatable. I want the page to reflect the real and the raw of regular life, instead of portraying something unattainable - perfection. 

There are several unique factors to The Poodle, but there's one in particular that I'm not willing to falter on - we have no target market. Everything I've ever read or been told for small businesses says you MUST determine your target market so you can refine your marketing, channel your budget, hone in on your audience. "They" say you need this in order to be successful. But I don't follow the "rules." Our target market is everyone and here's why - inclusivity. You want a snarky graphic tee? We got you. Looking for a gift to celebrate your friend's sobriety? We got you. Need an extra wide, extra tall bell bottom pant? We got you. Need a teacher gift that's humorous yet appropriate? We got you. Want to get glam? Or rested? Or read a book? Or have the softest jammies ever? Then, my dears, we got you.

Another unique factor that fuels the success of the store is a strict policy I put in place from the beginning. "If you don't love it, don't buy it." It sounds counterproductive, I should be all about sales, sales, sales, right? But I'm here for the experience, the atmosphere, the lasting relationship. Plus, style and taste is extremely selective. Sure, I can tell you what's trending, what "they" say is in style, or how I personally would wear something. But there's absolutely nothing sexier than showing your God-given confidence and that's not something you can purchase in a store, or elsewhere for that matter. I love doing styling sessions, especially when someone is willing to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. If they love it, then that's a bonus! If they don't love it, I still appreciate their open-mindedness. 

So that's a tiny bit of the ethos behind the store. I truly hope you love The Poodle as much as I love creating it. 

Nicole, The OG Purple Poodle



  • Brenda

    Galentines Day ,,I went and I am SO pleased with the service the shopping experience .I absolutely am pleased with everything I purchased -IGREAT Deals too -the toddy LOL was a PLUS LOL … just like family please go if you have not …Thank yo so much -The Purple Poodle

  • Jenae Cox

    The Ethos is why I love the Poodle! And you! #thepurplepoodleisawesome

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