Meet Jenae'!

Jenae' loves ALL THINGS FASHION! She keeps up with all the trending items, day by day, hour by hour. 

Read on to see her style profile:

Which decade do you resonate most with as far as fashion and design, why?
All of them! There are jewels imbedded in all of the decades that speak to me. It could be the silhouettes of the 40's with the serious shoulder pads, the bell bottoms and crochet designs of the 70's, and color blocking of the 90's.  I love it all!
If your life had a theme song what would it be?
Currently? Numb Little Bug
One piece of fashion you live by
Wearing a tank under my shirts, because that is the only way I am comfortable. Feels weird without it some times.
Your favorite accessory?
My Harry Potter themed Pandora Necklace. 1. Because it's HP of course and 2. Because it was a gift from my babies 3 years ago.
Three multifunctional staples in your closet.
A White or Black Crop top- can be worn with most high waisted bottoms and my go to option for pairing with my jumpsuits etc.
Levi Jeans- they just make me feel snatched and curvy.
Any of my cardigans- mainly because I am always cold and who doesn't love a good layering cardi?
What would your final resting attire consist of?
Ash, because just burn me.  We aren't wasting any money on a funeral over here!
Describe your personal style.
I'm like that box of chocolates that Forest was talking about. You never know what you are going to get. I dress for my mood and destination and you get what you get.
If you were a crayon, which color would you be?
A Purple Glitter crayon
Less or more?
Whatever I feel at the time; but usually more ;-)
Describe the wrong trousers.
Too tight, with no stretch and itchy are just wrong.  Also, it's 2022, can we have pockets please? 
What type of bag do you prefer?
Just about any to-go bag from a restaurant.  Also, I love a good crossbody. 
Heels or flats?
Last time you wore a kilt or a toga?
Never, but I am down to try both.
How do I disguise or create a large badonkadonk?
First off, why do you want to disguise a badonkadonk? 
I would say pencil skirts and any jeans from the Purple Poodle can disguise or accentuate a nice bottom. Wide leg jeans, fit and flare maxi's, skirts, or dresses, form fitting or crop tops and waist cinching bottoms will definitely accentuate your badonkadonk in a good way. 
Leopard print - Neutral or Pattern?
It's both!

How many bracelets should you wear?
You should wear how many you like. I can wear none some days and as many as 8 on one arm. 

Casual brunch or cocktail party?
Brunch! More food at a brunch usually.

Pantyhose - yes or no?
Unless the style I am going for calls for it, my answer is no.