Meet Nicole! Read on to see her Q&A for the Style Profile.

Q: Which decade do you resonate most with as far as fashion and design, why?

A: The 80's. I love the big hair and loud colors of the 80s. The bigger the hair, the closer to God.
Q: If your life had a theme song what would it be?
A: (I've Had) The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing
Q: One piece of fashion advice you live by.
A: If it doesn't fit properly, then its's ugly anyway. A well-fitting outfit is way better than caring what the size on the tag says.
Q: Your favorite accessory.
A: This one is so hard for me! I have four accessories I always wear, but one I will always cheer for is a watch. An old school watch. I like being able to check the time without relying on a cell phone.
Q: Three multifunctional staples in your closet.
A: A comfy pair of heels, a statement belt, and another pair of comfy heels
Q:What would your final resting attire consist of?
A: Something purple and glittery and the most glamourous fashion hat ever.
Q:Describe your personal style.
A: Flamboyant and over the top. I love pushing the limits on style by mixing patterns and prints. The bolder the color, the more I love it.
Q: If you were a crayon, which color would you be?
A: Purple glitter but of course. 
Q: Less or more?
A: More is more!!
Q: Describe the wrong trousers.
A: Any trousers that don't fit properly. 
Q: What type of bag do you prefer?
A: I generally prefer a bag large enough to carry a hairbrush, lipstick, planner, notebook, pencil pouch (don't judge!), a bottle of lotion, and a book.
Q: Heels or flats?
A: Heels upon heels upon heels please. 
Q:Last time you wore a kilt or a toga?
A: Taking it way back to 1997 or '98 I think? There *might* have been a toga party at my house. There *might* be photographic evidence. 
Q: How do I disguise or create a large badonkadonk?
A: Who wants to hide a large badonkadonk!?  
Q: Leopard print - Neutral or Pattern?
A: Leopard print anything and everything please. It's definitely a neutral. I've been wearing leopard since elementary days!
Q: How many bracelets should you wear?
A: My go-to advice to is keep putting on bracelets until you feel like you have on too many, and then add one more. Perfection!
Q: Casual brunch or cocktail party?
A: Why not both!? But I prefer a cocktail party because I love any and every excuse to wear sequins. 
Q: Pantyhose - yes or no?
A: Abso-freaking-lutley! Pantyhose give a polished look to any outfit. Plus, they add coverage if a skirt is borderline too short for your taste. Hose come in so many different prints, colors, and patterns now that they give dimension to lots of different styles. The added bonus is the control top!
Q: Which Friends character are you most like?
A: For style, I resonate with Phoebe. I like the wild, ornate, and animal-friendly versions of clothing she wore. But I also really appreciate Chandler's self-deprecating humor.